Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a great anime serie created by Hideaki Anno. NGE is unlike the most of the other anime series. It has a continuous story to tell and is more like drama/action than humorous. Although, there are still all the features that make an anime serie an anime serie. Huge mechas, cute girls, almost fantasy-like world and some jokes here and there.

Also philosophical questions and thoughts are the main things in NGE. Lots of questions and things that make us wonder and think about different things in our lives. Some questions are answered, some are not.

At first NGE might seem like an ordinary story with mindless fighting. Eventually story begans to make sense and events grow deeper. All the different layers of story telling are the things that make this serie worth watching, several times. Some people might find it interesting to follow how characters grow during the serie and how relationships change. Some might be more interested about how life is presented and such philosophical questions. And on the top of all, there are awesome fighting scenes with lots of technical information.

This serie really has the potential to keep up viewers interest through the whole 26 episodes. And even when watching rerun of this serie, there are lots of things that you can find out that you didn't notice on the first time.


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